Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 - MAy - KUWAIT

ICSK prepares students for class X I CSK conducted an immensely useful workshop for the students of class X. Students from branch schools also joined in. Dr T P Sasikumar, an eminent life mentor, scientist, writer, educationalist, orator, spiritual director and hypnotherapist was the mentor for the day. What more could the students ask for? Principal and Senior Administrator, ICSK, Dr V Binumon and Vice Principals of ICSK Senior, Dr Sam T Kuruvilla and Mary Isaac, Amman graced the workshop with their presence. The program commenced with a welcome note by Dr V Binumon introducing the star guest. The mind captivating and interesting session started off with a few activities which added zest to the session. Various difficult concepts of life were explained with extreme ease and simplicity. Dr T P Sasikumar guided the students on how to study, prepare and face examinations fearlessly, manage life, be happy and lead a stress free life. The motivational speaker advised the student community to believe in themselves, to self analyze and aim for continual improvement. He emphasized on physical, behavioral, intellectual, social and spiritual growth. It was followed by a very fruitful interactive session. His very own quotes, “Be good yesterday, better today and best tomorrow”, “Succession of successes is success”, “Believe in yourself”, “Make a difference for yourself and others”, “Learn to ask questions”, “Do your best”, “Be the best, not from the group but by doing the best from you”, “Learn well so that you can earn later”, “Be human, be social” mesmerized, motivated and inspired the students. He also gave an optimistic view on life with his definitions of Life, “Learning is an investment for future earnings” and “Learn life with full enjoyment” The event concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by a student from each branch. It was indeed a very interesting session which infused a boost of confidence in the young minds.

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