Thursday, August 9, 2012

120809 - Delhi - Vikaspuri KERALA SCHOOL


that will improve ur english and geography.. as u have to locate the place of news reporting too..
ok chacha
keep dictionary and atlas with u for reading news paper..

chacha i can confidntly say that if u are wth me i can surely became an i.p.s officer
i am sure u can do wonders...
smart / bright / active / matured / hard working.
make all around to say.. that u r different..
ys chacha i can realy feel and nw am proud of my slf that a great prsn"DR T.P.S.SASIKUMAR"is wth me nd nw am felelng realy gud chacha
have to work hard.. and achieve the greatest..
dream is important.
write the article and send it..
make ur friends too to write..
u have to be a leader..
model to others..
learn to communicate well..
s chacha frm nwonwards i wil tke ur aspirations and ur wrds in my mind and also tell it to my frnds
its my pleasure to have a great conversation wth u nd its promise to u chacha that frm nwonwards i wil work hard and give ma best
i got so many aspirations frm u nd i hve learnt so many things frm u nd i wl gve ma best chacha
thanku so much
gud n8 chacha


gud evenin sir
sir hw r u?m vry changed after ur counselling sir thanx vry much i always wake up at 4 30 am nd study 2 hrs daily.
that is great..
good news..
glad dear
sir where r u right nw?
hyderabad dear
sir 2day is ma birthday nd dis tym ma family is vry hpy frm me nd they r appreciating for my hardwork in a ve way
that is great my dear..
i love u..
all the very best wishes for the life ahead to be in BLISS

 --------- 120810 ------
Hello sir iam a student of class 10 kerala school sir after ur speech i made myself change and my parents are very happy from me by seein the change in me its aall thanks to u si thank u very muchhh...

 Sibin Sabu
  • Respected sir,

    Your speech was awsome.
    the speech which you have given to us,brings so many changes in my daily life.
    my self Sibin sabu of class 11th from kerala school.

    Please come to our school again.
    im inspired by u.

    thankyou sir thankyou very much.

 Ancy Varghese
Ancy Varghese
  • Hai sir...
    M fn
    hw r u??:)
    i ws absnt on d day wen u cam 2 scul...i ws hvng fever..
    I hd heard abt u a lot from my clssmattes..
     All wer saying tht i mssd it...

 Manish Murali
i am Manish of kerala school.hope you will recognise me. i would like to say that my aim is to become a scientist in the future from the childhood and i will become or try my level best to become a scientist.

i would like to say that from your words it is proved that you are an asset to our country. sir keep it up sir keeeeeppppp ittt up.

with respect

Dear Sir
Find enclosed her with article of India dreams.
sir please send correction and suggetions. Iam a student of kerala school, vikaspuri,new delhi. I have attended one of your councelling , when you came on 9th aug 2012 in our school. Iam so much impressed of your lecture and accept you as my mentor of my life.I hope you will be there for guiding me in my life. I need your help in moving forward in my are great sir and i admire you a lot. Your tips of making life enjoyable by learning has effected me a lot. must reply.please sent your tips , which can improve my life in studies and also to be a good human.
yours sincerely
Varsha Babu  
kerala school, 
New delhi.
respected sir,
i m a student from kerala school vikaspuri where you have given your mesmerizing words and have helped to realize our dreamz,,,,,,
i alwayz liked to read about lyf and i have read the book LIFE MADE SIMPLE,,,,,
it was amazing to read and i was surprised to see the same queries that i had and
their very simple solutions!!!!!!!!
But as we are the role models of ourself i m not confident of myself even though i know thad i m capable of doing,,,,,,,,,,it mostly happens with me that the thing which i m not confident of doing,get success but in which i m really confident ,rarely achieve that goal,,,,,,,,,,,sir, what might be the reason for this and how can i solve this problem????
Thanking you
Esther Cbaby 
respected sir 
ur class was simply asum....   
I will surely try to give my 100% in everything... 
thank you 4 cuming sir to kerala school 
hope dat u willl cum again to our schul 

 Jesvin Benoy
Jesvin Benoy
hello dear sir,
myself jesvin benoy, am a student of kerala school vikaspuri.
you can memorise me......i was one who was blessed with the opportunity to present you the bouquet after the manager of our school invited you.
hope you remmbr my face.dyou??
am in commerce-maths,stream.and maths is my fav sub.and i do like acocunts too.
will you please guide em abt what courses are the best suitable for that i can LIVE IN FULL ENJOYMENT in the future.
and sir, am bit attracted towards CA....
will you please let me know the advantages and disadvantages of that dad wants me to do a degree in business(hes not forcing me or anythng like that, he has given me full freedom to select the course i want)
i wud like to know your opinion in this problm of mine.

whatever you said that day, is still saved in my memory.
you really brought a change in me.

  • Maneesh Ashuthosh
    Maneesh Ashuthosh
    respected sir,
    your speech in our school was truly inspirational and from now iam a true fan of yours.Your speech was not only inspirational but was also very interesting.i am in 10th class kerala school and my ambition is also to become a scientist and work for please give me tips so that i can fulfil my dream and please accept my friend request........

 Gopika Menon
Gopika Menon

THANK YOU SIR for coming to our KERALA SCHOOL.Today it was a wonderful counselling that we had from u .we got many valuable tips for studies, concentration and improving our language and I will not forget the points that u have taught us .Sir ,in future, shall i seek your guidance and advise for my studies and the problem that I have to face in the future. Kindly reply.
With Regards
CLASS 10 B .

 Ayushi Parashar
Ayushi Parashar
sir your lecture was very good
from kerala school vikas puri

 Neha Joy
  • Good evening sir..I am a student of 12th,studying in kerala school vikaspuri.Your speech was simply awesum,i couldnt wait to tell my family about are such a wonderful man...thankyou for sparing some time for us...hope to stay in touch with you through facebook,because i haven't still got phone.. Thankyou very much sir...
    Eagerly waiting for your reply..
respected sir,
your speech is really mesmerising. you came to our school today(kerala school, vikaspuri). and literally opened my eyes.just tried to implement what all you told. n yes sir you where absolutely right sir...
thanx a lot sir.
thank you very much..
lol(loads of love)

Aksa Sam
  • Respectd sir thnk u 4 cmng 2 kerala scul vikaspuri. Ur lecture ws really gud... N my lfe im able 2 chnge many thngs 2day itself.. Im 4rm 11th cls.. All i need s ur blsng sir..

Vishnu Ashok
 Ashwathy Raghunath
Thanks for the lecture in our school, Kerala School Vikaspuri yesterday sir..., i liked the lecture very much and i enjoyed it showed us how to make our studies and life intersting..i'm sure your lecture will make a change in all of us...really thanks for spending your valuable time with us sir....!!!

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