Sunday, November 27, 2011

110227 - KTK Foundation

Today ur class in ktk foundation inaguration was nice ane very motivative . could u please mail me the book that you had refferd today


amith k
Mar 2
to me
sir i am student of kv payyanur . i attendend ur class on the
inaugaration of ktk foundation.
i am extremely moved by ur words..............

sir i want to read your book..........pls mail me.............

sir my interest is in civil service........

pls tell me about the coaching centers in kerala..
once i heared tat a centre wil b started in kannur. is it true?

i also heard tat those who hav studyied cbse wil be given more consideration.

sir pls reply 4 my mail.

amith k
Feb 27
to me
please mail me your book "ADAPTIVE LEARNING"
i attended ur class today

sir ur class is fantastic!!!!!!

jyothishraj nambisan
Mar 15
to me

myself jyothishraj, atudent from payyanur who attended your class at the inaugural function of KTK foundation on 27th feb, 2011.

to be more clear,i'm the son of your 'guinea pig' Suma.P.M ( teacher K.V.Payyanur) now you must have got me!!!!

I'm sending this mail representing the doubts of 3 friends of mine and myself.

The thing we want to know is common, something in detail about our future aspirations.

We think you r the right person to get advice from.

I'll briefly describe our plans and characters.

1) Abhijith Krishnan ( wants to be astrophysicist )- he is a good lad, very talented, but is under pressure from his parents regarding entrance ranks. at the time of ur class, he was totally depressed and even told about death in orkut, and we friends discussed this matter with our teacher( my mother ) and somehow solved it. now he is a bit confident, but confused, whether to chase his dreams or to fulfil his parents' wishes. so some tips for the budding astrophysicist.

2) Amith.K ( a gud footballer, interested in IAS ) he is a const. member of our group and helped a lot to solve abhi's problems
but he has not revealed his true passion to us, just told me to ask about IAS chances and centres in kerala, method of preparation etc
he has told to ask for a gud coaching centre, preferably in kannur.

3) Rakul.Mohan ( agri-tech and bio-tech ) he is one of my best friends and is very bright guy interested in research work in agriculture and biotechnology. he and i have already made some plans in mind if we research together in future.

4) Jyothishraj ( myself ) Sir i had already briefed my aim to you after that class. i want be a nanotechnologist and have got some plans for my progress. i like to study and work in india in future bcoz our nation needs us and not some more braindrain. i already met some malayalee nanotechs and got valuable advice from them.

Waiting for your prompt reply,


sudas kannoth
Mar 23
to me
Respected sir,
My father Sudas kannoth had participated in the inauguration of ktk
foundation class held in Boys High School, Payyanur.
Iam his son Nripan Sudas. Iam currently studying in 10th, in kendriya
vidyalaya payyanur. I have got admission in maharishi international
residential school, Sriperumbadur, Chennai for my 11th and 12th and
along with that i will be getting an iit-jee coaching by FIITJEE.
So, my aim is to be an iitian after 12th. But i have no idea for what
coarse i have to choose or what i have to do if iam opting to be an
aeronautical engineer. i dont know what options i will be getting if i
get into IIT. So I kindly ask you to give me a guidance for my future.

Yours Faithfully,
Nripan Sudas.

Apr 10
to me
Sir ,

Payyanur. I have got 85 % marks for PLUS ONE . Your speech at KTK
Foundation, Inaguration had inspired me a lot.
I want to try my best for IIT entrance 2012 . Kindly
advise me which are the Best Reference Books of Maths,
Physics,Chemistry which I would be able to study at home along
with my school syllabus.

I have not joined any Postal Coaching Scheme so far . I
have no experts at home to clear my doubts.

Also kindly advise me which is the best Postal coaching
Institution for IIT Entrance.


aswathi unni
Nov 25 (2 days ago)
to me
Sir, I am a 12th class student .I have attended your class at
payyannur (ktk foundation)It was a wonderful class & it is wat which
makes me to send this .
I am totally tensed .i wish to study nicely but i am not able to do
so.Teachers completed their work but i didn't.they give a lot to study
for next day & give test, which makes me more tensed.I know they are
doing so for our benefit.But I am not able to manage everything .I
also know that i am too late to start learning.But now i want to learn
every thing.but how i don't know.I want to secure more than 90% so
that i can make myself as well as my parents happy.They expect a lot
from my side & I want to fulfill them.BUT I AM NOT KNOWING ANYTHING.I
lose my confidence.Please give me some suggetions that i can follow

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